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GAMI  (Gas Assisted Molding Injection)is injecting nitrogen into mold cavity during injection molding process and using the nitrogen to perform pressure holding, making hollow products to reduce weight and prevent retraction sinking, and cut down pressure required. It is also call Nitrogen Hallow Injection Molding or Lowe Pressure Hollow Injection Molding. But it is different from Blow Molding.
With this system, It can reduce the residual stress in product, and can prevent the retraction distortion. Most of heavy, thick piece products adopting this systems to shortening molding time and reducing weight.  For bulky / thick products, it can saving material, reduce weight, shortening molding cycle time; reduction of mold cost; saving in post-processing.


For flat products, it can appearance improvement and better electroplating effects, and eliminating thick rib sinking of products; less residual stress in product and reduce the distortion and deformation; increase the structural rigidity of products.
  1. GAMI is very popular for many industries fields, just like: (1)Home appliances: TV, air-conditioner, refrigerator, dehumidifier.
  2. Vehicles: Arms, steering wheel, dashboard, pedal, bumper, window/door frame, mirror frame.
  3. Computers: Computer monitor shell, computer monitor bottom, NB shell, communication product.
  4. Office equipment:: Chair arm, chair back, chair leg, desk leg, handle, table- top.
  5. House wares: knife handle, racket, showerhead, bath tub handle, 

(1)Technical Support
  **Provide Turnkey Project Services
      We can provide the turnkey solutions, for selection of machinery, automation peripherals,production planning, and training to cost-effectiveness analysis
  **Mold Flow Analyzing Service
      We have our own mold department and Mold Flow Analyzing group to assist customers on developing new products and gas assisted molding technology by using the up-to-date mold flow analyzing software
  **Whole Set Profession Service
      We have the best teachers to train, educate, and impart molding skills and trouble shooting skills to customers. Also including gas assisting device techniques, injection molding techniques

  **Project of “Cost-Down of the equipment”
  **Training for using the Gas Injection Systems

  **Mold Design
  **Product Design
  **Gas pin location design
  **Multi-capacity mod design
  **Metal product design
  **Solution for defective molded product

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