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Injection Molding Machines
-Vertical Injection V Series
-VC Series Tie barless
-VH Series
-Multi-material Vertical
-Direct Hydraulic Clamp
-Multi-material Horizonta
-Thermoset Injection
-Auto Molding System
-Custom Made System
Gas Assisted Injection Molding
IML(IMF) System
IMD/IMR In-Mold System
Accessory Equipment
Surface Treatment Of Equipment
Sample Consult
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V-S Slide Table
Injection Molding Machines / Vertical Injection V Series
Clamping Force from 10~500 ton
Injection Capacity 0.5~50oz
Main Features
1. Vertical clamping; Vertical injection
2. Compact design requires less floor space. Makes the take-out process more easlier
3.Suitable for multi-purpose injection molding . Excellent for insert molding.
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